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Earth Magick: for Health and Harmony

Earth Magick: for Health and Harmony  
by Sammy Castonguay, M.Sc. Geological Science

Block Mountain Field Area near Dillon, MT. A spectacular area to observe the record of ThisMagickalEarths extreme forces. Take a hike to a high ridge, and see beautiful rock types, large- and small-scale folding of the rock units, and distant snowy mountains. 

Independence! Joyous late summer nights, swimming holes, and full moons!  
           Earth Magick? In this article, we are simply promoting Earth-based practices to promote personal health; we refer to our practice as Earth Magick. Readers may find it helpful to review recent articles on sediments and specifically “Earth is the Alchemist…”[1].  
           Magick is a loaded term, but we promote a particular aspect. While we do not discount whimsical magic, such as wizard magic from the J.K. Rowling books, or forms of practical/ritual magick, like spell craft, divination, or sigil-charging, we focus on the measurable forms of Real Magic. In his book by that title[2], Dr. Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences reveals detailed results in parapsychology. It turns out, our mind is the most powerful key to experiencing the magickal reality. Similarly, Biologist Richard Dawkins, in his 2011 book "The Magic of Reality", the scientist encourages the reader to look at the processes of nature as the real magic.  
           We specialize in providing special sediments with exotic geologic origins for this purpose: experiencing your Personal Magick. First and foremost, we supply information to engage the mind in the real, geological crystal world. Though we provide sediments, we encourage adventure. With maps we provide, hiking to sacred locations also improves our bodily health. Earthing, forest bathing and nature meditation are considered spiritual practices that have measurable effects on our well-being. This trifecta, engaging our mind, body, and spirit with the crystal world, is the magick. No matter your personal gnosis, whether a shaman, follower of one god or a pagan, there is little doubt among spiritual traditions that experiencing the grandeur of the natural world has a spiritual benefit.
           The adventure of respectful collection is center to what we provide, but the promotion of harmony between the elements is the whole picture. We promote sacred site visits[3], but it is with the underlying purpose that the experiences promote harmony within us, so we may reflect that harmony to our family, community, nation, and world. As a magickal placebo to put your mind to the work of harmony, we suggest this simple mixture:
1 part -TuffLeslie                     1/2 part - Serpent Passion
1/4 part - Mazama AirFall          1/8 part - Gaia’s Glitter
    Each rich in geologic history of Earth, each with a particular crystalline lattice, with an elemental connection to the other classical elements and respectfully collected[4]. Use this sediment as a base for burning cone incense (we recommend the local MoonShadow Apothecary), a top dressing to a potted plant, a Sunday offering, or casting a ritual circle.
Science. Spirit. Practice.   

1 October 18 - June 2019 archived at
2 Real Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe, by Dr. Dean Radin
3 sacred sites: these are self-identified, not sensitive indigenous sites

4 see Notes on Sediment Collection at 

Friend of the Owyhee, Becky R., lost in the moment as she treks alongside Batch Lake over the basaltic lava flows of the Jordan Craters. The snow-capped High Owyhee in the background. 

Reproduced from HedraNews July 2019, with permission.

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