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Earth is the Alchemist making the aether that is YOU!

Earth is the Alchemist making the aether that is YOU! 
by Sammy Castonguay, M.Sc. Geological Science


Equinox is upon us! Balance returns after the cold, long, dark winter. The Earth’s soil is fertile to seed and our soil-brains are fertile to idea-seeds. Spring is a great time of year to become attuned to the interaction of the classical elements of Earth Systems.          
Many ancient and modern cultures refer to the Four Classical Elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, or some manifestation of these. Hinduism (tantra), Egyptian (Maat), Greek (roots), and today's Dagarain West Africa or Navaho Voices of North America (Medicine Wheel). Held sacred for all time, but undoubtedly modern neopaganism and New Age spirituality are doing a part to revive the presence. Even pop-cultural uses it as source material. One of my personal favorites is the kid-oriented cartoon Avatar: The LastAirbender series. It is surprisingly philosophical: focused on harmony between the elements, if one prevails then balance is lost. There are many references, ancient and modern, to the Fifth Element: in Alchemy it is known as quintessence, aether, or spirit; in the sci-fi film it is love; and in some neopagan traditions it is life.
In the Earth System Sciences, we think a lot about the integration between systems of Earth: Heliosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Geosphere, and Biosphere.
·       Helio- The Solar System and central thermonuclear furnace
                      light, heat, and energy ----------------------------------------->      [Fire]
·       Atmo - gaseous phase of the Earth, the sky
                    Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide ------------>      [Air]
·       Hydro – all water of earth, the trinity of phases:
                      vapor gas, liquid, and solid ice ------------------------------->   [Water]
·       Geo - mineral earth*, this big gravitational mass.
                     silicate crust, ultramafic mantle, metal core ---------------->     [Earth]
The Fifth ‘sphere’ of Earth Systems Sciences is the Bio or Ecosphere. -------->     [LIFE] 
             The Living-Community system: growing, carbon-based Kingdom of Life that absorb fire, air, water, and earth. This sphere is only and essentially a combination of the above. We are a product of that system. This Equinox, find balance in mixing the systems of Earth inside of you, creating your life.
           In your next self-meditation session, for a simple two minutes:
            - Move wildly: thinking about the energy blasted here by the Sun                   Fire.
            - Breathe deeply: thinking of the gases that fill you                                           Air. 
            - Drink fully: thinking of the liquid-vapor-ice trinity molecule                      Water.
            - Lick a salt: thinking of the solid crystalline crust                                           Earth.
            - Eat a fruit: thinking of the nourishment in the combination                            Life.
This Magickal Earth is forging the classical element aether inside of you.
WE are a product of the systems of Earth… not the other way around. 
Science. Spirit. Practice.

Reproduced from HedraNews March 2019, with permission. Originally titled "Earth Systems and the Classical Elements". 
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More dialog on this subject (Classical Elements and Earth Systems) can be found on that website under Five Sacred Things. 

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